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Best Online School in the United Arab Emirates

The Top Schools awards 2023-2024: Best Online School in the United Arab Emirates

We are delighted to share that Sophia High School has been shortlisted for the Top Schools Award for Best Online School and Home Learning Community in the United Arab Emirates 2023-2024.

The shortlisting process has been ongoing for the best part of six months, our leading online school has been commended in a painstaking process that has seen intense research and discussion across Which Media journalists worldwide and advisory team. The Awards has been produced in association with data from

The Top Schools Awards was established in 2017 with the single aim of recognising and praising the schools and educators who achieve so much for the region’s children, young men and young women. The role of schools and educators deserves to be celebrated.

The commendation is a marker for our online school in recognition for achieving something exceptional for students “above and beyond” expectation, and each will constitute the best school option for many, many children.

The Awards have been focused on shortlisting Online Schools on the following areas:

(1) Breadth of subject and qualification pathways;

(2) Reputation and feedback from teachers, parents and students;

(3) Regional/international accessibility and commitment;

(4) Our view of the school’s contribution to, and capacity to, change/strengthen/reinforce perception of online education by parents as a “Second Way,” equally successful counterpart to bricks and mortar schools for the outstanding education of each individual child/young man/young woman/student;

(5) Innovation

(6) Values

About the Awards:

Which Media is the only media organisation in the region committed exclusively to the education sector. They invest seriously and significantly only in highly educated and experienced journalists and researchers, each of which is deeply committed to, and passionate about, education.

Established for more than a decade, Which Media is a leading global media, edutech and research company operating across the UAE, KSA, UK, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. They publish independent media reports for parents through WhichSchoolAdvisor and SchoolsCompared, data metrics for school leadership and investors through and manage educational events including the Festival of Schools, Top Schools Awards and, most recently, the WhichMedia PlayDates focused on new parents choosing their first school.

In shortlisting Sophia High School, the awards team shared:

‘All the online schools we have shortlisted are an absolute “wow!”, inspirational – and in every case we believe have a pioneering role in establishing a sector that is critical to the life chances of generations of children to come. This is an Award that recognises the weight of that responsibility.’

We are excited to hear of the winner which will be announced in September 2023.