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Our courses engage students in ways that simply aren't possible in traditional classrooms through immersive VR education and spatial learning experiences in the Metaverse. Athena Labs sessions allow children to safely explore immersive VR environments in the Metaverse, and opens the door to exploring developing future skills as gaming and metaverse world builders in our Junior Unity Developer Program.

Metaverse Explorer's (Age 6 to 15)

Metaverse Builders (Age 11 - 16)

This Is The Holy Grail of Education

Connect | Communicate | Create...Together in The Metaverse

Immersive Learning Experiences in VR
Creating a virtual world which allows children to learn without them realising it.
Engaging Children as Creators of New Digital Content in Web3.0
Athena Labs teaches children how to effectively learn in the Metaverse , provides them with digital skills needed for the future and empowers the next generation of leaders.
An Education Revolution in the Metaverse
Real world examples of learning, that fuse contextual learning experiences in science, technology, maths, engineering and the creative and performing arts into one, holistic, immersive and engaging learning experience.

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What parents are saying about Athena Labs

Learnt how to interact in the virtual world, not only observing but actually contributing to their environments with an understanding of creative capabilities and limitations.
What parents are saying about Athena Labs
Retained information on topics as they were truly immersed in the subject matter and excited.
What parents are saying about Athena Labs
Completely transformed how they look at their real environment. They literally look beyond their immediate environment and task ahead. Be that a simple car journey or walk. They are now looking outside of the car/footpath and inquisitive about the wider environment.
What parents are saying about Athena Labs


Frequently asked questions

For full-time students at Sophia High School, Athena Labs is a weekly immersive VR learning program where they learn inside of the Metaverse and develop coding skills as they build and create 3D assets in virtual worlds on Unity.

We also offer online extracurricular courses where students attend weekly one-hour sessions. 

Our students are introduced to the Metaverse through an immersive virtual reality experience which enables them to connect with their cohort of peers from around the globe to connect, create, learn inside of our immersive learning VR environment hosted by Engage.

Our Immersive Learning Program is best experienced in Virtual Reality. We recommend children have an Oculus Quest Device, but wider devices are supported by the Engage VR platform. These can be viewed here.

Children join their cohorts each week via a Google Meet link, in order to verify participants and provided token gated access and to outline the focus for the session. As a result, use of a laptop or desktop computer with the Chrome browser is required.

For full-time students, our Metaverse Education program is part of the Sophia High School fee structure.

Online courses start from £165 GPB per course.

Yes! Yes! We offer a sibling discount.

All of our teachers are selected through a competitive application process. Our Educational Leadership team at Sophia High School, handpick each Athena teacher and follow the highest standards of safer recruitment in education with regards to our vetting process. Their backgrounds vary, from experienced teachers, passionate Mathematicians and to Computer Science Geeks to Gamers and Developers. Each brings a passion for reimagining education in the digital age and and introducing children to the exciting world of the Metaverse in a safe and engaging manner.

Demand has been very high at Sophia High School since we began our incubator pilot with the students at Sophia High School. We are currently operate a waitlist system. 

Each student takes part in a teacher led Immersive Learning experience in Virtual Reality. These sessions enable students to explore a wide variety of immersive spaces, learn new tools, discover how to navigate in the space and engage in all subjects; from Maths to Science, creative arts, performance, humanities and everything in between.

As part of their cohorts, children will be challenged through competitions and events held inside of our immersive learning spaces.

All students who join are gifted with a Digital NFT Collectable as part of the experience.