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Introducing Athenaverse - The First Education City in Metaverse

Introducing Athenaverse – The First Education City in Metaverse

Introducing Athenaverse - The First Education City in Metaverse

London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – April 27, 2022) – Sophia
Technologies Ltd., a female-founded UK Edtech company, has announced plans to build the first educational city inside of the Metaverse.

Sophia is building an entire digital ecosystem that will make it possible for
k12 students globally to get an exceptional British education online, learn in
immersive virtual reality and develop essential Web3 digital skills for life
and work in a cyber focused creator economy that Bloomberg intelligence
anticipates is going to be an $800bn global metaverse revenue opportunity by 2024*.

Building on its global model for online education, the Athenaverse project is
the metaverse’s first virtual education city concept which is part of a
persistent virtual reality world. Athenaverse is designed with immersive VR
technology inside of Somnium Space, in a ground-breaking partnership with Oasis Meta Games who are builders of immersive VR worlds, games, experiences, and the first-ever layer 2 Metaverse solution in Web3 inside of Somnium.

The project is a first of its kind for the Somnium Space Worlds; each World is a blockchain token (NFT) and independent instance created by utilising Somnium UnitySDK. Powered by the OMG Engine, Athenaverse will enable students and teachers to learn, interact and create with others in the Metaverse through unique, immersive experiences and learn safely in real-time without any geographical boundaries.

Founder of Sophia, Melissa McBride, believes this project is a catalyst for
shaping education in the Metaverse and is the next step in a revolutionary
period where digital advancements are going to be transformational for the
future of education.
“The Ukraine crisis showed us first-hand the power of technology to deliver a model of education that is affordable and accessible for students. Through online education, we were able to enroll Ukrainian children displaced by the war for free, seamlessly into our online school, Sophia High School. If we can provide education for children fleeing a war zone, we can teach any child anywhere on the planet. This is the beginning of a better, more equitable decentralised era of education.”

Founded in 2018, Sophia has just closed a funding round of $1m led by Angel Investors, and is a global leader in British Online Education for children from age 4 to 14. With blockchain technology as the fuel behind the project, Athenaverse is introduced as a realistic virtual reality metaverse designed for the future of education.

Partnership Opportunity

Now that the Athenaverse project has entered Somnium Worlds with its immersive and persistent education ecosystem powered by the OMG Engine, the partnership opportunities for schools, education groups, creators, and developers to join this community are endless. Realistically, any player that is interested in being part of an exciting emerging world of education inside the Metaverse could be very easily integrated into Somnium Space and would be an excellent contender for a partnership that could yield benefits for all parties and be part of a team shaping education in the Metaverse. Together with their partners at OMG, the amount of tech development that can be deployed will be revolutionary not just for education, but for the entire Somnium ecosystem.

About Sophia Technologies

Sophia Technologies is a female-founded fast-growing Ed-Tech Company. With over 60 years of educational leadership experience, Sophia reimagines education for the digital age. It is a leading UK provider of British online education, immersive learning, and VR learning for children of four to 14.

More than just an EdTech company, Sophia is led by a team who share over 60+ years of educational leadership experience in some of the best British schools in the UK and international schools overseas. This deep-rooted expertise in the sector drives their team to innovate through the use of technology in the online educational setting to create a high-quality model of digital learning which is personalised and engaging for students.

Sophia is one of only a handful of online school providers working with the UK Department for Education towards them soon to launch Online Education Provider Accreditation Scheme and is already a Member School with the globally recognised Council of International Schools.