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melissa sophia ceo

Melissa McBride

Founder + Chief Education Officer

Melissa has been a leader in education for over 20 years and feels lucky to count herself as an Entrepreneur, Female Founder, Headteacher, Leader, Impact Educator, strategist for Metaverse Education, Investor and Momx4. She leads the team at Sophia Technologies, and is the chief storytelling offer for the team who are harnessing the power of immersive technologies and AI to revolutionise the way that students access education, engage with content and develop skills for the future. Sophia is the first edtech provider focused on the British Education system who offer both a quality assured playground for full time online education for kids from ages 3 to 15 and to build a metaverse designed for the British system which offers both VR-enabled immersive content and an instructor-led platform for real time learning in 6DoF. In a groundbreaking partnership with Prague based Somnium Space and Oasis Meta Games, Melissa leads her team as they are building a world for education for GenZ and GenAlpha students in the MetaVerse. As one of the first Metaverse education strategists to focus on the K12 sector. Melissa is thrilled to be a leader of the radical change in education that is not happening top-down via politicians and traditional institutions, but bottom-up via startups, parents and students.

Alberto Iglesias

Chief Technology Officer

Alberto brings over 30 years of software engineering and development experience as a full stack developer. Interested in all things technology, he is our oracle and solutions expert at Sophia and leads our core development team partnership with the University of Warwick.