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The new paradigm for British Education

Learn the way our brains are wired to: experientially

A Whole New Way of Teaching

VR-Enabled curriculum content following the UK National Curriculum subject areas including STEM, English Literature & Modern Foreign Languages, Humanities, Creative Arts and PE.

Immersive learning experiences that blend innovative pedagogy and advanced technologies, with the power of storytelling and collaboration, through a metaverse platform that enables teacher and AI-led experiences.  


Bringing Shakespeare to life in VR

Our virtual Globe Theatre 🎭 has brought Shakespeare to life for the students at Sophia High School. A VR enabled environment that enables students to step on the stage and bring to life some of his greatest works; from Hamlet to MacBeth, Romeo and Juliet to Midsummer’s Night Dream and The Tempest, all the world is a stage in VR.

During the Summer Term, students will take to the stage in the worlds first Metaverse Staged production of some of his greatest works

Don’t miss your chance to experience magic and storytelling come to life in Athenaverse.

VR Education - Pico XR

Counting Cove is an immersive educational VR app designed to help young learners improve their counting skills while exploring a pirate-themed island.

Set on a mysterious island where pirates once roamed, Counting Cove is a place where children can embark on a journey of discovery and unlock the magic of math.

Children will be fully immersed in the world of Counting Cove, as they explore the island and uncover treasures while also learning essential math skills.

Mathsketball is a groundbreaking VR app that combines the excitement of basketball with the power of mental maths skills development. Designed for students, educators, and parents, Mathsketball offers a fully immersive virtual experience that engages the mind and body in a fun and interactive way.

In Mathsketball, players are challenged to solve math problems in real-time while navigating a virtual basketball court. 


Sumurai: The VR Mental Math Game for Kids is an immersive and interactive experience that challenges children to hone their arithmetic skills.

Using virtual reality technology, kids can join the ranks of ancient Japanese warriors and battle their way through math times tables problems in a setting that is out of this world.


Welcome to the world of Cannon Bowl, the immersive VR Mental Maths game that combines the thrill of laser tag, the fun of bowling, and the excitement of British cannons.

An immersive platform for education

By combining storytelling with an innovative metaverse enabled VR learning environment, we create educational experiences for British Schools that motivate students to do the work necessary to master the objectives of the UK National Curriculum.   


MetaScience Lab

We bring STEM subjects to life in our Metaverse Science Lab from our Orbital Space Campus.  We captivate students in a virtual environment where learners have the ability to take part immersive hands on lab experiments and bring science and maths to life in unimaginable ways!

Revolutionising the Way Students Engage with Learning

Somnium Space Athenaverse Project

Our focus on the British K12 Education System,  allows us to develop VR enabled content and immersive learning environments which provide a broad and balanced Metaverse Curriculum based on the UK National Curriculum Framework.  

This includes a metaverse platform specifically designed for education which enable instructor-led, shared and collaborative experiences where students can explore themes in captivating Virtual Reality Environments.

Anytime Anywhere Teaching & Learning

Designed by educational leaders in the Edtech space, Sophia Technologies,  Athenaverse will make it possible for k12 students to get an exceptional British education from anywhere on the planet and for outstanding teachers to conduct classes from any imaginable location relevant to their class’s area of study.

What’s more, families looking to embrace the future of education have the opportunity to join the leading British Online School, Sophia High School, where Metaverse Education is core part of our digital focused curriculum.   

Somnium Space Athenaverse Project
Somnium Space Athenaverse Project

The Athenaverse project is the metaverse’s first education multiplayer VR platform focused specifically on the British K12 Education System, which combines both a platform and integrated metaverse content designed by British educators.  

Athenaverse is designed with immersive VR technology inside of Somnium Space, in a ground-breaking partnership with Oasis Meta Games and UltraLord who are builders of immersive VR worlds, games, experiences, and the first-ever layer 2 Metaverse solution in Web3 inside of Somnium.

Somnium Space Athenaverse Project
Somnium Space Athenaverse Project

In building a Metaverse for Education we are revolutionising a traditional sector that is over 200 years old.  We are changing the way that teacher deliver lessons and the way that students can engage with educational content.

This is the future of education.  The Future is Now.

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